Saturday, July 29, 2006

5th Anniversary 7/15/06

5 wonderful years, getting better and better as we go along. When we got married Sarah gave us a cedar tree in a wooden planter. It sat on the deck for a year or more, didn't grow much, and from time to time we worried about whether it would take off, be healthy and grow stronger. Then we committed to putting it into the ground, anchored it to watch over our yard from the mound, began caring for it in a steady, permanent way. Look what has happened:

So here we are kissing in front of our anniversary tree. We're going to do this every year for the next hundred years!

To celebrate we went to the nursery and brought home a beautiful Pomegranate tree (after all, the 5th anniversary is "wood").

Frank sent us some beautiful flowers.

We are so grateful for a life filled with love. What could be a better use of a blog than to share our happiness? So, yes, we had a very happy anniversary on July 15th, and I'd say we're having a happy everyversary too. -L&F


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